Have you ever eaten so much that you felt a cramped stomach? Yes, on thanksgiving! Every one of us does it once or twice in a while or maybe on some special occasions. Doing it regularly is not suitable for your body and mind too. Compulsive eating is something you start with nothing in your mind. Your body craves for ice cream, pizza, or a big burger even after having a meal, and you can’t stop yourself to satisfy that urge. It means you are pushing yourself towards compulsive eating, leading to significant eating disorders like BED (Binge Eating Disorder). Food is the main energy source of our body.

The body needs nutrition to work properly. But stuffing food on and on without having proper intervals between them and eating portions that are more than enough for your body will make you lazy and mind-numbing. Eating way too much and getting pissed over it afterward is another indication of compulsive eating. The best way to improve your healthy eating habits is to get rid of compulsive eating, which is possible by keeping a record of everything you eat at what time.

Make A Food Manual

A food manual is accommodating in maintaining a balanced amount of nutritious diet that will help keep in mind that you have already taken the right amount of nutrition and anything else your body craves is unnecessary. Create your own meal plan and write it down for every week. Changing meal plans weekly will give you a pleasant effect of treating yourself because a monotonous meal plan will end up quitting it out of boredom.

Prepare your Meals

Nutritious and healthy diet can be followed easily when you prepare it by yourself. Have you seen Martial Art Athletes preparing their meals? The meal preparation helps keep an eye on what ingredients you are putting in your meal and it also gives you a feeling of pampered self. You can experiment with the recipes according to your choices. You will notice that you are not feeling hungry the time you are preparing your meal.

Make Food Time Table

Two ways are doing so either you can pick Intermittent Fasting that will allow you to eat less and fast more. The other option is to attach your full-day diet portions with 3 to 5 different day timings with proper intervals. Martial Art Athletes often follow this trick. Every time you open your food manual to see what to eat, it will give you an everyday meal and another meal that you will have after a shorter time interval.

Start Physical Activity

Start any physical activity that makes you active physically and mentally. Join a gym, go for cycling or running and if you’re already into mild workouts, give yourself a level up with some Boxing, BJJ, Mix Martial Arts, etc. It will develop your physical and mental strength to the next level.


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